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Car Mats Review: Best Floor Mats for your Car

Car mats are compulsory to protect car’s floor from dirt, mud and moisture. Placing good quality mats not only keep the interior of your clean but makes it look neat and pleasant.

Choosing floor mats for your car can be tricky when it comes to choosing from various car mats available in the market. However there are some popular car mats manufacturers who pass the standards set by the government regulatory agencies.

Here we’ll give our reviews on the best car mats that you can choose for your car.

Husky Liners Mats

Manufactured by Husky Liners, these floor mats are a perfect match for Dodge cars such as 1500, 2500 and 3500 trim from the year 2009 to till date.

From design and quality perspective, Husky Liners mats are durable, easy to clean, and are anti-skid. Moreover, they are specifically designed for the Dodge vehicles.

BDK PROLiner Heavy Duty Mats

These rubber mats are all weather mats and can be cleaned effortlessly. Much more, they ideally suit to any vehicle type and model.

The key features of BDK PROLiner mats is that they are anti-slip, heavy duty rubber made, and are capable of being trimmed to fit any vehicle.

Motor Trend MT-923-BK Car Floor Mats

Manufactured by Motor Trend, these car floor mats are made up with odorless rubber material that doesn’t leave any nasty smell in the car.

There are highly customization that you can easily trim them using ordinary scissor. Much more, they are designed as all weather to trap moisture, debris and spills etc.  Most importantly, MT-923-BK Car Floor mats are crack-resistant and last longer.


Placing mats on car’s floor is pivotal to restrain dirt and debris polluting your car interior; thus we have listed the best quality floor mats that you can pick for your car. However, their prices may vary depending on the design, quality and other features.